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Soap or Shower Gel: The lowdown

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

At the end of a long hard day, who doesn’t look forward to unwinding and getting some much needed me-time in the shower? Which is why bath time should be about pampering your skin, not worrying about the right products! When it comes to bath products, if you are torn between soaps and shower gels, look no further. We have all the facts you need to be able to make an informed choice.

Know your skin type

Soaps have gained a bad reputation of being more drying than shower gels. But the fact is, both are now available with a range of hydrating and soothing ingredients. Also, there is the option of switching to fresh, handmade soaps which carry the goodness of natural, fresh ingredients like flowers, fruits, roots, herbs, spices, botanical extracts, essential oils

If you have sensitive or exceptionally dry skin, you would do well to go with shower gels while normal skin can handle both with equal ease. There are also those who choose to use shower gels in winter to combat dryness and soap bars in summer to keep the oils in check. But in either case check for fresh, handmade products that contain natural ingredients like honey, green tea or calamine to ensure smooth and supple skin.

Know your hygiene quotient

If you are an athlete or prone to excessive sweating, a bar of soap is your best bet for its ability to completely remove sweat and bacteria from your skin and the ease of application. Soaps are often berated as being unhygienic in themselves when multiple users are handling them. A word of caution here is that there are less bacteria breeding on a bar of soap than on loofahs and washcloths that typically need to be used in application of shower gels.

Know the economics

Whether it is soap or shower gel, the price point depends on the brand and the ingredients that go into it. But with soaps, after a point, they tend to get small and perhaps a bit unwieldy. With shower gel on the other hand, with some ingenuity you can make use of every single drop in the bottle. Another point to consider is that soaps need no additional accessories – you can just rub them directly on to the body while with a shower gel, you also need to make sure you have a loofah or washcloth handy.

Know the user friendliness of the product

Is space an issue for you? Soaps can fit into their own little niches in the wall while shower gels, depending on the size of the bottle can take up a considerable amount of space. They are also prone to falls and toppling when the contents are nearly emptied. Soaps can turn runny or mushy with water splashing on them while shower gels remain safe and untouched in their bottles. Packing a wet soap into your travel kit can be a nightmare while a travel-sized bottle of shower gel is a perfect travel companion.

Know how to pamper your skin

Your skin responds to tender, wholesome care. And what better treat for the skin than the goodness of natural, handmade soaps and shower gels? Indulge in the soothing properties of aloe vera, unwind with the fragrance of lavender or go gourmet on your skin with some liquorice! Both soaps and body washes now come in a range of exotic and natural ingredients that can help you detox your skin and freshen your spirits.


So what should you opt for? We say, why limit yourself to just one? Enjoy the varieties of fragrances and lush ingredients available in both! Alternate between soap for hard-core cleaning and shower gel for a relaxing bath time. Or use shower gels to keep your skin hydrated in winter and soaps to be squeaky clean in summer. Either way, don’t forget to keep your loofahs and wash clothes clean and dry.

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