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Best Body Scrub & Massage

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

The urge for that celebrity skin shine that you would dare to flaunt, isn’t a far cry! A body scrub? Yes, it is! Copiously heard and read about exfoliation for face….but what about your body? The good thing about body scrubs is that you can enjoy a wide array of ingredients without having to worry as much about sensitivity, since the body is usually less sensitive than the face…but that isn’t all.

Being picky about the body scrub is as essential as it is for a face scrub. And by picky, I mean, picking organic body scrubs or natural body scrubs, that go a tad further than just exfoliating. Vert steps in conclusively with superlative exfoliating body scrubs that doff your skin to utmost wonder with natural active exfoliators that do not contain any synthet-ic/plastic beads. Infused with handpicked natural ingredients as fresh fruit juices, purees and extracts, organically procured body butters and cold pressed essentials oils, they are catalytic in adding the glisten!

Go ‘nuts’ with our Sandalwood Superfine Walnut and Sugar Body Scrub, to feel it gently exfoliate with natural sugar and the goodness of fresh walnuts. We have added aloe vera to cool, sunflower oil and castor oil to moisturise and soften, ginger to warm and stimulate the skin, while sandalwood removes that nasty tan.

Fresh Walnut Powder- The benefits of Walnuts are no secret. The good fat in walnuts, Omega 3, keeps your skin healthy and glowing with youth. It helps retain moisture and prevents toxins from entering. Proteins and antioxidants present in walnuts can fight harmful free radicals.

Our all rounder, Cafe Almond Demerara Sugar Body Scrub, is refreshing, exfoliating and hydrating. There’s noting that this handmade body scrub doesn’t do. It has a scrubby mix of Demerara sugar and almond powder for some serious exfoliation, balanced with almond oil and coconut oil to soften the skin…and that refreshing glow? It comes from anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder and the caffeine from coffee.

Fresh Demerara Sugar- Sugar Sugar…. This surprise package in our body scrub, called Demerara sugar is a light brown, only partially refined sugar, that contains more minerals than regular refined and processed white sugar, adding to the effectiveness. Charming, isn’t it?

A natural source of glycolic acid, it encourages cell turnover and new growth. We use this sugar in our scrubs due to it’s wonderful moisturising and exfoliating properties. Powdered and added to the scrub, it draws moisture in from the environment into the skin, helping to keep your skin hydrated.

Are you ready experience the most luxurious exfoliating experience? Refresh your morn-ings with Saffron Sugar & Milk Body Scrub, enriched with rich saffron and milk scrub delight for a smooth and softened skin, filling your shower with the therapeutic aroma of Saffron. Shredded coconut and sugar sweetly gently buff away dry skin, Aloe vera soothes, while a luxurious blend of Sunflower oil and castor oil swoop in to keep you feeling fresh and moisturised.

Fresh Saffron- The most precious and the most expensive spice, Saffron, has benefits stored in, for the skin, apart from dietary benefits.

Our precious organic body scrub gives this exclusive spice place to work it’s wonder! The anti-fungal content of saffron makes it effective for the treatment of acne, blemish-es, and blackheads. With a healthy fusion of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Magnesium, It ac-celerates skin lightening, smoothening and toning, too!

While you let fatigue get to you, our Orange Burst & Olive Body Scrub, got it’s act to-gether and spunk you up with it’s infusion of scrubby orange peel, sugar and rice powder for devilishly smooth skin. This deeply exfoliating treat will banish rough skin, leaving you soft all over. We've added a bewitching healing scent to the mix with rose petals, to fragrance your body with a mischievous blend of Tea tree oil and olive oil.

Fresh Rice Powder- Ris(c)e to the occasion! Our scrub does just that owing to this resilient ingredient- Rice powder, freshly ground. Nutritional and mineral-rich rice has been known to be as one of the traditional skin lightening remedies. Amino acid and vitamins present in the grain act as a clearing agent and control the shine of the skin.

One of the best beauty uses of rice powder that it can be used as oil absorbing natural powder.It blends easily with the skin and cover pores. It exfoliates, purifies and re-mineralizes your skin, scraping the dead skin cells away.

Natural is what natural does….and Vert body scrubs are created to prove just that!

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