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Ladies Choose the Best Shaving Cream

Who says shaving is only for men? It’s time to break the norms and accept the fact that shaving isn’t ender biased. With the summer at it’s peak, it is a compulsion to be hair free and smoothened. The need of the hour? It is your razor for that quick and instant squeaky clean appearance. But not quite…the right cream to be used for shaving is what takes precedence over everything when it comes to shaving.

Why should men have all the fun? Women need it too….may be more! Want to head out for an evening? Waxing may be too time consuming and last minute may not be conducive. Your next best option….and a very handy one too, is shaving. But the shaving cream you use makes all the difference to the appearance.

Vert has taken the onus of giving one of the most ignored, yet needed product, it’s due. A shaving cream for women! We take skin care seriously and hence have resolutely created a completely organic shaving cream for women. Our unique shaving cream is a winner in it’s natural and handmade concoction.

Whether natural or synthetic, fragrance is a common sensitising ingredient for all skin types. Our products are free of such known irritants. Non-aerosol Close Shave formula delivers exceptional razor glide and produces a rich soft lather that gives closest smoothest shave without any skin irritation.

In an age where feminism is a big and powerful word, Vert’s Strawberry Maple Sugar shaving cream, an organic shaving cream, exclusively created for women, is a revolution!

It’s time we experience a supremely smooth and soft shaving experience with Fresh strawberry juice which is very efficient in lightening blemishes and acne scars. Strawberry juice contains skin lightening extracts as well as elegiac acid which reduces dark spots on skin. Mixed with naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal coconut oil for skin is an excellent moisturiser and cocoa butter, creates a soft lather to give a close shave to prevent early hair growth.

With the goodness of Vitamin E, you can forget about the skin itching and give it a kiss of pure nourishment.

How to use

Wet your skin, apply a generous amount of shaving soap, let it sink into your skin for 3-5 minutes before you begin to shave…. And shave, rinsing your razor frequently under hot water to eliminate excess soap and stubble. Finish off with a moisturiser for smooth, soothed skin.

Fresh Strawberry

Associated with love and passion, Strawberries are powerful in content and metaphors, and so this gentle sweet fruit has been picked to build our very avant-garde shaving cream for Her.

Cold pressed Strawberry juice, extracted from handpicked fresh Strawberries, fused into the shaving cream, provides a repairing, refreshing finish, owing to the fruit’s Vitamin C enrichment, and Anti-oxidant and exfoliant properties.

A smooth skin comes at a price….a Ver(y)t original one! So, shave it all off!

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