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Hand & Nail Cream Benefits

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

The world is in your hands, goes the saying! And is so their care, we add. A spate of articles on how your hands are by what your hygienic levels are gauged, read and re-read...and ignored!! Let us enlighten you, it’s all true! Your hands narrate your well being, and At Vert, we not only present to you, solutions, we walk you through the experience Au naturale!

Your mitts bear more through the day, than you realise. From the moment you pick up your first cup of tea till you switch off your room you think for a moment the stress and toil they undergo? The brunt of all your toils! It would be practically impossible to calculate. Apart from external factors as your lifestyle, profession and weather extremities, the internal factors as personal hygiene, skin type and nourishment are as, or more, effectual in defining the health of your hands....and nails!

Yes, Your nails speak volumes too, and require tender , love and care as much as the rest of you. With Vert it’s a cake walk! Infused with the Freshest and purest ingredients brought straight from the farms, this is a one stop hand and nail solution for the perfect pair of mitts that you just wouldn’t stop flaunting! With our handmade hand and nail cream, Treat your hands to gentle nourishment that not only hydrates but also repairs to make your hands oh-so-soft.

Handle your mitts with care! Vert Almond Lavender Hand and Nail Cream, a beautiful anti-ageing hand cream, is a blend of Fresh Cocoa Butter imbibing skin smoothening properties, Vitamin A & E enriched Almond oil, Aloe Vera keeping the formula light & strengthening cuticles. The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of Lavender and fresh lemon juice and hydrating and cold pressed Coconut oil, is the gateway to the perfect pair!

Fresh Lemon Juice- Perky, citrusy, Fresh Lemon juice is an ideal infusion to a hand cream, as it not only drives out dead skin owing to it’s exfoliating nature, but also helps in brightening and lightening the skin, being high in vitamin C and citric acid content.

Packed with healthy nutrients such as Vitamins B, C and riboflavin, carbohy-drates, proteins and minerals, fresh lemon juice strengthens the nail cubicle as well.

Vert Shea Butter Lemon Hand & Nail Cream is a hydrating divine blend of Shea butter, strengthening and healing benefits of Almond oil & Soya oil, added to that, Lemon juice to fight free radicals, soothing Coconut oil, This nourishing combination whisks away dryness and deeply moisturises hands, while almond and soya oil strengthen nails and heals cuticles.

Almonds- Have you heard enough that Rich in Vitamin E, almonds are something you must eat for healthy, strong and long nails? It is true. Almonds are rich in flavonoids: catechin, kaempferol and epicatechin, which are powerful antioxidants. Pressed, squeezed and infused in the cream, It replenishes lost moisture into skin cells and keeps them hydrated!

Since almond milk comes from almonds, you can use almond milk as well for some skin lightening action!

How to use Vert nail creams

Be generous and go all out! Smooth all over your hands, taking extra care over your dry bits, like nails, cuticles & elbows.

Go Vert!! Redefine the way you take beauty in your hands.....Literally so!

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