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Going fresh, handmade and natural

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

Here is a simple thought. As you lather, scrub and spray every day, ever thought how many chemicals is your skin getting exposed to? Not that every chemical is bad for the skin – but when you consider the number of times we use a soap, perfume, lotion, cream and make-up, no one really knows the long term affect.

And then there are some that have really been getting a bad rap and still can be found in a lot of beauty products that we use. From Microplastics to Parabens, Toluene, Formaldehyde, SLES, Triclosan, sunscreen chemicals, your never-ending cosmetics aisle in the super market is still filled with beauty products that are loaded with synthetic chemicals.

Even though UK, US, and several EU national have called for a ban against the use of plastic microbeads in beauty products and several companies have committed to not using them. And yet till there is a complete ban, we still have companies throwing us fancy ads that promote products with plastics.

These products not only harm our skin and body, but also are bad for our environment. Imagine the amount of plastics that goes down the washbasin through your average beauty product. Everything finally settles down somewhere in the ecosystem. Now the question is does beauty products have to have so many chemicals? How can we save our skin and our environment?

Fresh, handmade and natural

Why not start by using products that will not feed your skin with ugly synthetic chemicals but enrich it through ingredients that are in their most natural form, bio-degradable and unstripped of their goodness. Fresh, handmade and natural beauty products are vegetarian and do not release toxic fumes and emissions throughout their manufacturing process. Use of authentic handmade tools, time-honoured methods and practices also contribute in cutting down greenhouse gases and using resources more efficiently.

For eg, our Vert Fresh Apple Face Scrub uses actual apples and brown sugar. These natural components will make your skin glow beautifully! Not just that, you get an all-natural scrub that is good for your skin and that removes all the dead cells and debris that has clogged up your pores. Your skin is coming in contact with substances it knows and recognizes. It is not being subjected to an alien ingredient, which explains why your skin usually responds positively and glows after using natural, handmade, fresh products!

Good for the environment

We take steps to conserve water, reuse plastic and use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. But what is the point of making such environmentally conscious choices if your beauty choices harm the environment? Compared to other foot scrubs that use microbeads and other harmful ingredients, the Vert Graprefruit Neem Foot Scrub uses naturally occurring mineral-rich salt. The salt and the neem powder will easily break down and be absorbed back by Mother Nature. That’s where the difference lies – our products are created to have minimum impact on the environment.

Fresh products to help you get fresh skin

The same logic should apply when you are shopping for your husband, brother or father. Look for natural, fresh and handmade products that will nourish and revitalize the skin. Try our Cafe & Cocoa Butter Shaving cream, which offers natural moisturization with coconut and soya oil. The freshly brewed coffee and cocoa in the shaving cream keeps your skin fresh and refreshed.

With natural, handmade products, the skin feels rejuvenated instantly. The fresher the product, the fresher your skin feels right after using a natural product. With the complete lack of chemicals, the products can only benefit your skin without any sort of side effects.

So what makes the difference?

Companies that manufacture fresh, handmade, natural products use high-quality natural and pure ingredients. Each ingredient, from oils to salts to fresh fruits and vegetables, is sourced from trusted sources. For natural products, it is important to ensure that each ingredient is fresh and unprocessed. This maintains the integrity of the product while giving the customer just what they want.

The next time you go shopping for new bath or beauty products, be sure to check the labels. Is it fresh? Is it natural? Is it good for you and the environment? Shop for products that will make you feel radiant, glowing and fresh all the time. Shop knowing that you have brought something that will finally become a part of the earth again.

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