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Fragrance of Love


When we talk about relationships these days, there is some amount of scepticism in terms of longevity, loyalty and genuinity. When asked what really true love is, there is a chasm! Is it really so hard to keep the essence of true love alive? Is there anything as True Love these days? I am not spouting distrust over the idea, rather attempting to celebrate the idea that has been blurred through delinquent viewpoints.

Commitment is a big word. Why are we toying with the idea of open relationships? Have we become so self indulgant that anything pure and honest creates discomfort and fear? So let me grapple with the essence of Love, in its purest most organic form. Heard cliches such as Love is unconditional?….It is a fact. There is a minutely thin line between unconditional and vulnerability. Yes, love is vulnerable, it has to be candid and unfeigned, yet a dash of practicality is consequential in keeping up the balance.

Love is free flying. In our attempt to capture it, it more often than not, struggles to escape. In times when there are temptations galore, how hard is it to keep a relationship up and about? Well, it isnt! Communication is the key , that is talked about, yet shows a dirth of. There is nothing more all encompassing than unadulterated emotions ….Because at Vert, we condone everything natural and organic, a reflection of our toil, from our kitchen of farm freshness to your vanity cases, much like the essence of unsoiled, basal and untainted love. Let love spill over !

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