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Essence of ‘Vert’ual Love!

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

Distance makes the hearts grow fonder….does it? In today’s day and age where keeping up with emotions is getting tough, let alone long distances, relationships are becoming short term goals! I am not being cynical, being a complete romantic, my belief is that true love survives all sorts of breakers. Relationships are built on trust, heard that a zillion times in different words? It’s true. Long distance relationships still survive, they do exist! I can say that with conviction, experienced it first hand!

Count yourself lucky to have found love in times where technology literally transfers you right to your Bae….well, I say, count yourself lucky to have found true love, at all! When you know it’s right, preserving its sanctity shouldn’t be tedious. Rule number one be, Trust is a big word. Long distance relationships can be challenging where either of you are overtly possessive. I say, build excitement on it! The anticipation of the next meeting can be very instrumental in creating longing for each other.

Evading temptations is the hardest part of being in a long distance relationship. Letting each other free, if overplayed can be tricky too. So, rule number two be, allow space but keep the flirting going. Teasing each other playfully through the day can be extremely refreshing! Small frequent love notes on message or an old school surprise email can be a motivating reminder of your presence through bad work days. Rule number 3 be, in long distance relationships missing the physical of your Bae is magnified, hence, it is imperative to say the most important words as frequently as possible! An “I love you”, “I miss you” or “I wish you were here” go a long way in maintaing the freshness!

So, go ahead…fall in love, notwithstanding the distance and time!

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