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Bring the world to your Feet!


So why shouldn’t feet have all the fun? Considered as the underdog of the body, the feet in that context beg for your attention. Dry heels, flaky soles and corns are the most common feet sores. Like the 12th man, whose importance is realised when nothing else works, your feet deserve and demand the care that you project on your face or hair, probably even more! The most used part of your body, it is imperative to treat them with love and care!

At Vert, we take the onus of creating hand made, organic products that speak of freshness in terms of the ingredients literally dig out from the realms of nature, to birth scrubs and lotions that are sans synthetically induced processes. In the midst of the plenteous renowned brands, Our quest to go conclusively vegan, gives us the credibility that you deserve. We bring to your beauty regime, extracts to pamper your feet like nowhere else!

Find these benefits in Vert Grapefruit and Neem foot scrub, a concoction of exfoliating nature of Sea Salt, combined with high in vitamin C and fiber, Grapefruit extract, with Neem powder to eradicate skin irritations, Fresh Lemon Juice, Soya oil, Walnut powder, Fragrance oil/ Essential oil.

Cafe Walnut Foot Scrub combines the exfoliating properties of natural sea salt and sugar alongside walnut and coffee powder to scrub away foot calluses. Lemon juice and soya oil fighting discoloration, a freshness you have to experience to believe!

Bring the world to your feet....the Vert way!

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