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How can I add money into Verthpc Wallet?
  1. You may add money in Verthpc Wallet in following ways -
  2. 1 - Refunds to Verthpc Wallet - You may take refunds of returned items.
  3. 2 - Add a Verthpc Gift Card - Add your Verthpc Gift Card to Verthpc Wallet
  4. 3 - Top Up - You may top-up Verthpc Wallet by available online payment methods at Website.

You may use Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards, Upi, Wallet, Mobile Payments, Cash Card.
However, Cash on delivery, International Cards, Gift Cards are not acceptable modes of payment for the top-up of Verthpc Wallet. The acceptable payment methods shall be visible to you at the checkout.

You may keep Verthpc Wallet of value up to Rs. 49,000, after that you may still receive your refunds to Verthpc wallet, but you shall not be able to top-up it further.

You need to sign-in your Account in Website and go to your profile. There, in the Verthpc Wallet tab, you shall be able to see the Verthpc wallet Balance amount.

You shall be able to use Verthpc Wallet as a Payment method available at the checkout. Gift Cards and Verthpc wallet Top Up can not be done by payment with Verthpc Wallet.

You may not redeem Verthpc wallet money for Cash. Verthpc wallet money is also not allowed to be transferred to Bank, Wallets or other users accounts.

Verthpc Wallet can only be used to purchase products at Verthpc Website. It cannot be used to purchase or pay for anything on other ecommerce websites/apps.

Yes, Verthpc Wallet requires a Verthpc Account.

Verthpc wallet money cannot be transferred to other Verthpc users accounts. It can also not be used to pay for purchased being made by other Verthpc Account users.

Verthpc wallet account may be suspended or closed if your Verthpc Account is suspended or closed for any reason.

Your Verthpc Wallet account is still active, you may reset you Verthpc Account password or take help of customer care team to gain access to your Verthpc Account.

You need to protect your Verthpc Account. If someone gets unauthorized access to your Verthpc Account, they may use your Verthpc Wallet money to purchase products at Verthpc on your behalf without your knowledge.

The refunded amount of these returned items shall be added to your Verthpc Wallet.

Yes, you may use other payment methods available to pay along with Verthpc Wallet. However, the money shall be deducted from Verthpc wallet first and the remaining amount can be paid through other available online payment methods.

If you have balance in your Verthpc Wallet, then that will be used first. The remaining amount, if any, might be paid through other available online payment methods.

If user has Verthpc Wallet balance, then it is up to the user to use it, however if Verthpc Wallet is being used then the order value will first be taken from Verthpc Wallet and the remaining order value, if any, shall be paid by other available online payment method.

There are no maintenance charges for keeping Verthpc Wallet Balance.

Verthpc Wallet has maximum expiry time of 3 years for refunds and top-up and of 1 Year for extension cards issued lieu of refund for return of items placed by Verthpc Wallet which has expired after order placement. For each credit to Verthpc Wallet, you shall see a corresponding expiry date for the balance. Please ensure that you use the amount before expiry, after that it shall lapse.

There is no minimum amount to keep in Verthpc Credit. It can go upto 0.00 as well.

1 - Faster Check-out by using Verthpc Wallet

2 - Don't wait for refunds to source which take (0-7+ days) and use money to buy other products immediately after return refund.


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