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Raw Cocoa Butter

No Hidden Cost

Deep Moisturising

Our most preferred ingredient, Cocoa Butter, acts as a deep moisturising agent for the hair, making them strong and healthy, Reducing hair loss, Rejuvenating chemically processed hair and repairing dry and damaged hair, preventing further damage, making it ideal for use in some of our self-preserving formulas. it is an all-natural, pure fat extracted from several cocoa beans, a very stable and highly concentrated natural fat. It has the tendency to melt at body temperature which makes it easy to be absorbed by the skin, perfect to be used across our entire range of products, including skin and haircare, owing to its moisturizing and conditioning properties.

The cacao tree yields up to fifty seeds, fermented to remove their bitterness, then cleaned, roasted and cracked. The resulting cocoa nibs are ground to a thick, oily pasted called chocolate liquor, the fat then removed from the liquor goes through the process to separate the cocoa butter and cocoa powder, rendered into a creamy colored cocoa butter. Unlike most fats, the butter is not greasy, it has a hard con-sistency and smells like chocolate.


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