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How to Choose your Facial Cleansers

The freshest time of my day? It is shower time, not because it is a ritual to be performed, but because it is a pre requisite to how my day will unfold! True that! The most important part of the day, where you must pamper and delve in the luxury for every sense, every bit of you. A luxurious bath doesn’t depend on the exorbitant amounts you spend on purchasing that top of the line soap or shower gel, but on what you feed your skin with.

Vert stands as a true loyalist of natural and organic ingredients….hence, our handmade soaps are exotically fresh and worth a try! They exude not just affordability, but the luxury of nature, with every ingredient infused, hand picked and organically procured and handmade!

Our Green Tea and Aloe Vera Handmade soap is Ultra-Refreshing, Hydrating and Soothing Soap For Normal Combination and Dry Skin. The ingredients freshen and hydrate while fighting acne with its anti-bacterial properties & creamy lather gently exfoliates to remove dead skin.

Stout Black Pepper is a Gentle, Refreshing & Brighten handmade soap, suitable For All types of Skin. An Innovative Soap, it fights bacteria and brightens skin tone to give it a youthful glow. This vivacious blend of lemon oil and turmeric is perfect to wake you and your skin up, leaving you smelling fresh and tangy.

A perfect start to your day, is our Calamine and Licorice Handmade soap is Soothing, Refreshing and Brightening, suitable For Normal, Combination and Oily Skin. A careful this Olive oil, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Palm oil, Vit E, Glycerine and Calamine powder is almost an all rounder, rich in anti oxidants, deeply moisturising and catalytic in brightening your skin and helping treat blemishes.

Our Gentle, Softening & Conditioning Choco Orange Oats Soap, is an angel For Normal Combination and Dry Skin. An Innovative Soap, an exotic combination of Oats & Cocoa butter. makes it a rich emollient with excellent skin softening and conditioning properties, while gently exfoliating. It’s ‘Wow’ property comes alive in acting as an anti-inflammatory agent that softens the skin and is excellent for sensitive skin.

Confetti Soap is our Refreshing, Nourishing and Deep Moisturising Soap For All types of Skins. Feel the natural lush and tropical fragrance of green apple & strawberry fruits from this deep moisturising soap loaded with glycerine & mango butter to gently cleanse and nourish skin.

For the days when you decide for an early morning gymming session, Vert’s Lemongrass Soap is what you want on your shelf. Nourishing and moisturising, this one is for all types of skin, it’s refreshing Lemongrass infused fragrance, earthy and lemony, is a sure shot mood boost. Vit E in the soap is a great for healing the sun burned skin, improving the skin texture and acts as anti-oxidant.

Our Star Anise with Turmeric Soap is one hell of a package, injected with cell stimulating star anise, glow invoking turmeric and essential oils providing moisturising, it is a one stop solution for the days you crave gentle rejuvenation.

Smell bee-autiful with our Honey and Milk soap, a buttery and luscious bar with cocoa butter and honey oozing to soothe your skin while milk helps brighten and even out your complexion. Our cold pressed coconut, olive, almond and palm oils for supremely soft skin.

Go the Cleopatra way…indulge in our Rose and Milk Soap, Redolent with scent of rose oil which softens your skin….luxurious and gives your skin a fresh glow, for Normal, Combination and Oily Skin.

When the going gets tough, our Mud Vetiver soap rises to the occasion. Gentle, Hydrating and Moisturising, this soap has restorative and relaxing vetiver oil that revives weak and tired skin, the exfoliating Kaolin Clay, and coconut oil, olive oil and glycerin to moisturise.

Add a little zing and seduction to your day with Vert’s tropical and citrusy Mango Vitamin E loofah Soap, infused with fresh mango pulp which helps in regeneration of skin cells and restores elasticity of the skin, mango butter to gently moisturise, Vitamin E to nourish and the natural loofah to exfoliate.

Our Mineral Rich Lavender & Clay soap, exfoliates & detoxify your skin without leaving your skin dry. its thick creamy lather and soothing, therapeutic fragrance and you'll be drifting off to dreamland before you know it!

Mesmerise your way through the day with our Fig Papaya Vanilla soap. An Innovative Soap blended with clean & refreshing fig, that exfoliates naturally, while shea butter and almond oil moisturize. Nutritious, scrubby, and smoothening—what are you waiting for?

Chocolate anyone? Give your skin a taste of sweetness with this exotic blend of cocoa powder and coffee powder for a sweet lather that cleanses, softens and awakens your skin. This is our Chocolate Scrub soap, infused with the goodness of glycerine and coconut oil.

With an exotic fruity fragrance that is sweet, our Plum Apricot soap bar has gorgeous freshly squeezed plums that aid skin repair, Coconut oil, olive oil and palm oil that gently nourish and moisturise and Apricot, rich in Vitamin A and minerals to soften and seal in moisture.

With that impressively natural and farm fresh line up, It’s hard to not grab them all! Vert says so!

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