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Whiff of Love

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

Do you believe in love at first sight?...Or rather love at first whiff? Wonder what that is? Decoding love can be tricky … impenetrable as it can get, it is as comprehensible! What if it were disclosed to you that a sniff of fragrance can induce romance and passion? It is a scientifically proven fact that scents and smells awaken passion hormones, making you vulnerable to attraction and hence finding your partner.

Have you ever breezed through a whiff of a certain fragrance that instantly caught you on? They are Pheromones and MHC hormones that latch on to scents and are released, conveying passionate availability and willingness to attract a love interest. But it isn’t how easy it is to find love. You must pick the right fragrance to evoke these hormones.

Vert, spells love like no other. Our labour of passion that we called our perfume collection, is everything that entails whiff of romance, packed in a box! Prepared with the freshness of organically picked Cocoa butter, bees wax and Almond oil, Vert Love Potion is an enchanting fragrance that brings forth the effervescence of romance, making you fall in love all over again! If you are looking to evoke desire this Valentine’s Day, then Vert’s Lust is the perfume you need, as real as the purity of your sensations..because love is meant to be just that!

Experience the whiff of Vert love!

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