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Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

There’s something about the festive season… it exudes vibrancy. What if this vibrancy transcends to your skin? Since I leave absolutely no stone unturned in putting forth the relevance of skin care, what better gifting option than nature’s own glory?

Never missing an opportunity to use fresh and organic products myself, my favourite gifting picks this season are Vért’s gift packs. created from their range of organic and hand picked ingredients, straight from the farms!

With this light of purity, I bring to you the purest, freshest taste of beauty to illuminate celebrations ten fold…… Vért Gift Packs! A myriad of products, combined to create a balanced mix, these Gift packs are worth every pocket pinch! Since “sharing of knowledge is true power”, here is the array…

Sweet Sensation- This Duo pack of Vért Love Potion Solid Perfume & Orange Expresso Milk Bathing Salt, is an exotic combo of gentle citrus exfoliating bath followed by the romantic whiff of love, come packed in a cutesy box! All for INR 1488.

Gentleman’s World- This unique pack is a superb mix of Aragon Beard oil rife with naturally extracted essential oils for that uber cool beard, topped with Green Tea and Aloe Vera Handmade Soap, to cool it down! INR 893 isn’t much to be this awesome!

Soap Opera- Mud Vetiver Handmade Soap, Choco Orange Oats Handmade Soap and Mango Vitamin E loofah Handmade Soap….maketh for one of the rarest combinations, each and every one of these, created with the natural benefits of organically procured ingredients. Get this at INR 1148.

Man Power- Argan Beard Oil with the benefits of essential oils, Activated Charcoal Face Wash, Lemongrass Ginger Body Wash, Mint Almond Shaving cream, Papaya Extract & Almond Oil Body Lotion and Green Tea and Aloe Vera Handmade Soap, all wrapped in one, is probably the most powerful combination to gift. At INR 2933, it’s a steal!

Bath Love- This s what luxury feels like. A holistic bath ritual spells Mint Apple Blossom Body Wash, Confetti Handmade Soap, Calamine and Licorice Handmade Soap, Mint & French Clay Face Wash, French Clay & Exotic Lavender Bathing Salt. Can’t you just already feel the freshness? Each Handmade product inside is an art itself, only at INR 2083.

Blooming Beautiful- Experience the floral freshness of Verbena Body Wash, the soothing Calamine and Licorice Handmade Soap, the blush of Rose Infused Lip Balm, romance through Love Potion Solid Perfume, refreshing Pomegranate Almond Whipped Shea Body Butter, go vegan with make up with Sheer Chocolate Bronzing Face Powder, the organic Gold Highlighter Face Powder, super cleansing Oats Milk & Shea Butter Face Wash and the spritz of Lavender & Clary Sage Mist. All that exoticism for just INR 5729!

Burst Of Happiness- This is the perfect head to toe ritual that embodies every bit of fresh and hand made naturalness. Every product infused with naturally extracted and cold pressed oils and fruit pulps, there is nothing this pack is short of. Experience it all with Dark Brown Hair Colour, Mango Vitamin E loofah Handmade Soap, Lemongrass & Neem Bathing Salt, Almond Lavender Hand and Nail, Mint Almond Shaving cream, Cafe Walnut Foot Scrub, Fresh Apple Face Scrub, Saffron Sugar & Milk Body Scrub and Strawberry Apple Whipped Shea Body Butter. All this freshness at INR 6456!

Go fresh, Go organic this festive season and present a gift of love…. Nature love!

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