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How to Keep Your Love Fresh


Remember the feeling of being in love for the first time? Just the thought of your Bae would send shivers down your spine! That is the freshness of new found love. The anticipation of what would ensue at meeting him/ her...that is what true unadulterated love does to you. This Valentine’s Day, bring to your relationship a little more than just fresh love. Bring a little bit of Vert to your love. There is nothing More effervescent than purity. Purity in emotions as purity in beauty.

We, at Vert, metaphorically and otherwise, promise to bring a dash of pristine by virtue of our resolute bid to concoct products born out of love for everything virtuous. New found love brings with itself an innocent chastity, the untarnished innocence entailed in every ingredient that goes into bringing to you the freshness of our true! Because love should never be spurious.

Isn’t the touch of love just magical When you know you have found The One? The newness is refreshing, oozing of confidence, metamorphosising every breaker into solutions...the essence of new found love is intoxicating. But love at any stage must incorporate a tad practicality too. There is another love interest that should never be ignored....self! That is the love that preserves every other, treated with tender love and care...’Vert’ously!

Bring out the beauty of fresh love with virginal Vert in all love flavours!

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