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Go Vegan, Get beautiful!

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

How often do you buy a product, a shampoo, a compact or a lipstick, and consciously check on it if it was animal tested?. India was one of the first South East Asian countries to have banned animal testing in the country and import of such cosmetics. More than 100 million animals are still being induced with harmful chemicals to observe their reactions. There are still more than 50 renowned make-up brands, that may be lying in your vanity case, speaking cruelty.

Beauty isn’t a cruel word. Then why does it’s process need to be? A slow painful death to create a beauty product? Is it even necessary? Since ancient times beauty has been synonymous with nature and the new age concept of beauty is no different. What if you could access products that are emphatically cruelty free, organically created with the freshest ingredients? Heard of Vegan beauty?

At Vert, we boast of consummately curating Every ingredient, hand picked in our kitchen of fresh concoctions, keeping health as the primary priority. Advocating use of healthy ingredients, we believe there is no better way to project it than naturally. That reflects in the creation process that is completely devoid of Cochineal Dye, Guanine, Tallow Gelatin, Lanolin, Squalene, Ambergris, Collagen, Estrogen, and Retinol, chemicals that are used plenteously to test on animals.

Healthy products are not just skin deep, they are born out of passion for perceiving beauty as a sensitive issue. A truly pure product is a result of heart and soul put not only to result in the end product, but the process that goes into creating it. Go Vegan, Get beautiful!

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