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Fresh and Handmade Shower Box

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

Unwind. Awaken. Reenergise.

Bath time is not just a matter of cleansing your body. It is a precious sliver of me-time Paradise. As you pamper your skin and your spirits at the end of a long hard day or the beginning of a busy new one, allow the goodness of natural organic ingredients and fresh handmade products to envelop you in a cloud of uplifting aromas and invigorating sensations. Vert offers you a chance to turn bath time into your own personal spa session and treat yourself to some exclusive and luscious products that look good enough to eat with the Fresh and Handmade Shower Box

What goes into a Shower Box?

Exotic, handmade, full-size soaps and handcrafted shower gels. With the choicest of ingredients, the most tantalising fragrances and sensational looks and textures.

What are the options available?

The Shower Box is available in 3 enticing variants to suit your needs. The Debut Box comes to you with 3 full-size fresh and handmade soaps. The Avancee Box offers you a full size shower gel in addition to a full size soap while the Dorloter Box comes to your doorstep bearing a selection of 3 full size shower gels. You can customise your box as per your needs and also control the period for which you want to receive them.

How do I get a Shower Box?

The Fresh and Handmade Shower Boxes are a subscription service that brings natural and handmade bath products to your doorstep every month, attractively packaged and promptly delivered just as you would like them. Sign up or log in to to subscribe to any of the three variants of Shower Boxes. You can save up to 35% on your subscription fee and avail of free shipping. All you have to do is choose your box and the duration of subscription, enter shipping details and proceed to the payment gateway.

The Debut box with 3 full size soaps comes to you at a subscription price of Rs. 1800 after the first month. Avail a discount of 25% when subscribing for a period of 2 months. The greater your duration of subscription, the bigger the discount. Thus you can subscribe to a 4 month plan at a discount of 30% and the 6 month plan at a whopping 35%! The same discounts apply to the Avancee Box which comes at Rs. 1200 after the first month and the Dorloter Box which comes to you at Rs. 1800 after the first month.

Never worry about restocking on your bath products again! The full size soaps and shower gels should last you and your family for the entire month and your next shower box will be at your doorstep without fail for the whole of your subscription period. Feel free to upgrade, extend, pause or cancel your subscription any time – no questions asked and no penalties attached.

What does it offer me?

An exclusive bath experience using the most luxurious natural ingredients that are guaranteed to not just clean but also protect and nourish your skin. From the goodness of honey, green tea, shea butter, oranges, and aloe vera to the mesmerising aromas of lavender, vanilla and roses; from the exfoliating and nourishing properties of almonds and brown sugar to the soothing essences of vetiver, verbena and sandalwood, each shower box takes you on a journey of wellness and immeasurable freshness.

You battle stress every single day and it takes a toll on your body as well as your mind. You deserve every bit of happiness you desire. That is why we bring you the goodness of nature in our carefully crafted and lovingly handmade products that refresh and rejuvenate your body and perk up your spirits. That is why we like to think of our Shower Boxes as little gifts of happiness, delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy showering!

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