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Best Organic Products in India

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

Organic food is trending… Sure! But have you contemplated going organic with the beauty products you use that are laden with spuriousness? In an age where we talk about eating healthy and opting for organic foods, is this resolute mode applied when choosing the products for your skin and hair as well? If not, it’s time for nirvana!

My beauty is my fortune! Then why shouldn’t skin care be the medium? With the surge of beauty products that stand displayed in the market, spoilt for choice, yes, you may be, but picking the one that corresponds to your skin needs, does the trick!

The love-hate relationship that I have with my skin, saw copious brands and products come… and go! They came, they saw…..but failed to conquer! But Na-ture never fails you. Organic and Fresh is the secret. What I share with you here, is the Black Book of beauty care, authentic and thus, proven! The task gets just a tad simpler when you have a variety, created out of hand picked, hand made ingredients, that counters every skin crunch….Here’s my list!

Cleansers- The best face cleanser is one which is devoid of any chemically in-fused ingredients… an organic face cleanser. Try Vert’s Cocoa butter cream Face Cleanser, Saffron milk powder face cleanser or Activated Charcoal Face wash. Rife with ingredients that permeate through to rejuvenate, protect and maintain your skin’s natural oils whilst cleansing.


Vert’s natural and exfoliating face scrubs are sans any micro beads or Paraben, which can add to the carcinogenic content, making them extremely harmful, Freshly squeezed apple pulp from Fresh Apple Face Scrub or fresh cucumber puree from Fresh Cucumber Face Scrub, feel the naturalness!

Lip Care

Vert Organic Lip care range is ingested with absolutely fresh natural ingredients, handmade, from handpicking to extracting Essential oils to infusing. Strawberry Vert’s Shea Lip Balm with kokum butter and Vit E Coco Butter Lip balm to hydrate, refresh and repair your puckers!

Hands and Feet

Your nails speak volumes too, and require tender , love and care as much as the rest of you. With Vert it’s a cake walk! Infused with the Freshest and purest ingredients. Vert Almond Lavender Hand and Nail Cream, a beautiful anti-ageing hand cream, imbibing skin smoothening properties, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, keeping the formula light & strengthening cuticles.


Choose between Papaya Extract & Almond Oil Body Lotion, an innovative blend that has enzymatic Papaya for cleansing, brightening and sanitising, and Cucumber & Geranium Extract Body Lotion possessing the soothing goodness of cucumber that cools, hydrates and tightens your skin, wheat germ oil that softens, olive oil to retain moisture and coconut oil that nourishes

Shower gel

Soap, gel or smoothie, bring a vigour to your bath routine with a powerful range of shower necessities. Green Tea and Aloe Vera Handmade soap is Ultra-Refreshing, Hydrating and Soothing Soap, with anti-bacterial properties to fight acne. Verbena Body Wash is equally powerful in healing properties.

Hair Care

Go bespoke with hair care. Let Vert create a mask suited just for your hair. Or, try Hibiscus Hair Mask an integrated scalp and hair treatment, rich in vitamin C ensuring healthy hair growth.

For Men

With a wide range of products for the men, my recommendation is Vert Cafe & Cocoa Butter Shaving Cream, which we call as the perfect 5 am shaving cream….An all natural booster. As is the Argan Beard oil, to maintain that cool tuft.

I bet you can’t keep calm with this revelation…. Con’vert’ your beauty woes into euphoria!

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