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Best Beauty Product as per Zodiac Signs


Believe it or not, Star signs or zodiac signs are a rendition of your personality…whether Independent like an Aquarian, cheerful as a Leo or whether you possess the Scorpion’s Passionate streak, you probably have your zodiac traits at the back of your hand, but did you ever know it could spill over your hair, skin and beauty routine as well? Isn’t your beauty regime a chip of your block?

At Vert, every product is born out of fierce resolution to create what inculcates characteristics so distinct from each that they transform into entities of their own. And because we believe in creating a little bit of heaven for everyone, we have one product for every zodiac! Meilleur Homme is a Vert solid perfume, modern and mysterious, designed to align with a man, who is unconventional and powerful, yet honest and sensitive…rolled out for the very independent and thinking Aquarian.

The romanticising, artistic and soft Piscean, who never counts low on projecting calmness, finds her/his perfect match in the smoothening and soothening Saffron, Sugar and Milk Body Scrub, that works ever so gently, rejuvenating senses, just like this water sign.

Alikened to the Aries’ enthusiastic and positive streak, Vert’s Mint and French Clay face wash is an invigorating blend of fresh mint that opens out into a burst of coolness, exfoliating and hydrating leaving you feeling effervescent.

Exfoliating, hydrating, refreshing, all dolled into one, Vert Café Almond Demerarra Sugar body Scrub, a multi tasking product that dares to possess the best of these worlds, is just the correct pick for the very reliable and practical Taurian, who thrives on dependability and sensisbilities.

A Gemini has a knack for making light of situations with their wit and gentleness, much like Vert’s Himalayan Salt and Rose Bath Salt, that posseses detoxing, relaxing and stimulating properties to calm down sore muscles leaving a sumptuous calmness.

The emotional Cancerian makes peace with situations, excessively loyal and calm, this water sign find its match in Vert’s Delicate Skin Divine Shower Smoothies, an immensely nourishing product for sensitive skin, concocted with Calamine powdr to calm skin irritations.

Vert Bon Bon Solid Perfume is a playful mix of the flurry essences of Bon Bon, and lasting fragrance of Vanilla, adding that dash of cheerfulness that falls in congruence with the happy go lucky Leo, who have an innate sense of cheerfulness and humour.

Nothing better could have described the Virgo, a hardworking, practical and perfectionist sign that wont give up on an argument….Lemon Green Tea Foot Cream is a perfect rendition of persistence. This toiled mix of green tea infusion,Glycerine,Aloe Vera, Rose water,Lemon juice and Wheatgerm, has everything that persists in ensuring your feet never give up on you! The Libra’s heady hamonious and social personality is intoxicating. Their urge to create peace is perfectly mirrored in Vert’s Strawberry Shea Butter Lip Balm, a happy mash of Kokum, Shea and Cocoa Butter, that protects the lips with its ultra hydrating and healing properties.

The one product that speaks Scorpio like no other is Vert Lust perfume, a sultry, wild and desire invoking fragrance that spells passion with an undying warmth. This fragrance is perfect for the exceedingly possessiv, attaractive and passionate Scorpio.

A Sagittarius’ sense of humour and bid to lend a helping hand is just magnetic. The 24 Carat Gold Serum renders the Libra’s generosity and extroverted personality. This skin repairing serum is generously infused with 24 karat Gold in jojoba oil and enriching Saffron, instantly lending an age defying rejuvenating glow.

Capturing a Capricorn’s lf-controlled and responsible nature was tricky as Vert’s uncompromising resolution to create balanced products is sprinkled on to every product. When choosing a hair coclour, we found the balanced and mature Vert’s Dark Brown Hair Colour, with henna and Accacia lending the controlled hue.

Bring out your nature fresh aura, because beauty is not just skin deep….it is an elixir that resonates with your innateness! At Vert, it is as organic as it can get! Get Vert’ised’!!

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