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Bespoke Haircare- As Fresh As It Gets!

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

The hardest part about picking that perfect shampoo and conditioner that suit your hair type to the T , is finding one! Haven't you wished for a product that just fits? Like it's ‘made’ just for you? Look no further! Vert brings to you a range of 270 million concoctions for haircare….all you have to do, is create yours!

Every hair type is unique and deserves a product as unique to bring out its best. A hair type relates to the scalp type. Hence, ingredients that cater to both the hair and scalp are indispensable to keep the hair in the pink of health. Do you know that alongside external influences the likes of your hair type and structure and scalp type, colour etc, there are inherent factors that react strongly on your hair too, read your lifestyle and state of mind? While there maybe plenteous popular branded haircare products ruling the market, Vert stands apart by virtue of its freshly handmade concoctions, picked and chosen in congruence with your hair and lifestyle specifics to create one that counters your primary and secondary hair concerns….adding that personal touch by putting your name on the bottle too!!

Finding the correct shampoo and conditioner can be likened to finding a needle in a haystack! Tricky and challenging! Repeated change in hair products, to find the one that suits, can be extremely damaging to the hair, being exposed to new preservatives every time. Vert , to your rescue….click, pick and Vert does the trick….Touted as the One stop hair solution for all your Personalised needs.

Experience bad hair days more often? Why put your hair through the harshness of chemical ridden products ? Vert boasts of rich, natural and fresh ingredients, individually blended to bring to you the correct product, sans any chemical preservatives. Their carefully curated ingredients are naturally self preserved for a longer shelf life and usage. We say, a small price to pay for an unheard of experience!

Gift your hair….with love!

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