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Benefits of Beard Oil

Why someone tends to invest in gold and silver?

Oiling the hair has always been the most advised and the most followed beauty ritual since ages immemorial…and this has held true for both men and women. Beard hair, is no different. Beards may be trending these days, but sans care and attention, it may not bring the effect….definitely not to the ladies! A small window routine can have magical effects…we call it oiling the beard. Once you discover the benefits of using a beard oil, you will never overlook it again!

Hence, it becomes of absolute importance for me to delve into some of the benefits of applying a beard oil. Now, maintaining that perfect trendy beard, comes with certain challenges too….beard dandruff, itchiness and flakiness….A beard oil is advised to be included in your routine, to counter these issues. So, with demand comes supply and the dilemma of which beard oil will be best suited for you.

At Vert, we religiously follow use of handpicked ingredients from the farms, which are freshly squeezed, cold pressed / extracted to be infused into products. Defying all beliefs that the cost, name and hype of a product determines it’s benefits, Vert takes ‘Natural’ to another level. An organic Beard oil, spells all of that.

Our beard oil reeks of such ingredients and strictly does not contain any mineral oil. Infused with only pure natural ingredients which truly care for your much loved moustache and beard, our beard oil is preservative free and purely vegan. Providing the beard a healthy whip of all essential oils and Vitamins, the beard oil is a must keep on your bathroom shelf…best worked when applied just after a face wash.

Beards maybe trending, but care for that stylish tuft must trend a tad bit more! Our all Natural and Handmade Beard Oil has been designed specifically for you to flaunt your spic and spam beard. Laden with heavenly oils as Argan oil, the perfect doctor enriched with antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin A, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid, Almond oil for deep conditioning, it is a superlative formula to make the beard softer and lustrous. Infusion of Jojoba oil and Wheat Germ oil stimulates hair growth, giving you fuller beard. Rich in anti-fungal properties, Walnut oil fights against dandruff as essential oils leave your beard with a gorgeous fragrance.

So, get grooming, fellas! Get that beard the attention it deserves!

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